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Summertime...a time of long hot days, and warm nights. My favorite fruits are ripe and sweet. It’s a time for sweet tea, chilled Rose`, cold beer and lighter meals. Air conditioners are set as we shake off coats and sweaters, linger in the shade and long for the pool.
Little league, picnics in the park, family reunions... all represent summertime, a time of joyful living, a time to build joyful communities... Summer is also the start of our new Rotary year. I am so excited about the year ahead as we all shed the effects of the pandemic and ramp up our efforts to help make the world a better place by inspiring hope in others. Let’s start first, with each other. Before we head out to the field and attempt our first home run, let’s make sure each of our teammates are healthy and strong. Re-recruit those who have been sitting it out. Find out what they need to get back into shape and help to suit-up your friends who have suffered loss.
Check out your team’s equipment. Is your club technologically ready to function in our “new normal”? Can your club do hybrid meetings? Is your website up to date? Have you set up social media? Do you have a follow-up system for the many inquiries you will receive from folks interested in your club activities? Some of you will have to step out of your comfort zone to embrace a new way of doing things. As my trainer always told me, our growth is in the discomfort!
As added value to our club members, the District will soon be available to help you with these valuable systems. Meanwhile, check out the many resources available for professional Rotary branded marketing and education
I hope you and your club will support me in my two major initiatives for the year:
  • Preventing homelessness of transitional age foster care youth with vocational training programs.
  • Creating music groups; bands, chorus, drum circles, etc., in our communities in partnership with Music Mends Minds; to help improve quality of life for seniors suffering from memory issues.
During my Governor’s training, I’ve been exposed to Rotary districts and leaders from around the world and I am convinced that Rotary District 5280 is one of the best! We are most generous in giving to The Rotary Foundation and our humanitarian work takes us all over the globe. Among the greatest people that I know are Rotarians and I am proud and humbled to lead such an esteemed group of people through the exciting, fun filled year to come, inspiring hope everywhere we go!
Imagine Rotary...
Olivia Patterson Ryans
Jennifer Jones, Rotary International’s first female president, is the perfect leader to spread the word about the good Rotary does in the world, and inspire its members to keep going.
At a training seminar for Rotary club presidents-elect at a Dallas-area hotel in February, sergeants-at-arms wearing yellow vests and Stetsons lead participants, grouped by Rotary district, into a small room for a photo op with 2022-23 Rotary International President Jennifer Jones. As the groups enter, the club leaders mob Jones — the room a flurry of handshakes, fist bumps, hugs, and the occasional squeal. For each photo, the Stetson-clad Rotarians (nicknamed "Rangers") give instructions on who should stand where, then Jones, who is seated front-row center, stands up, turns around, and warms up the crowd. "Is this the best district?" she asks one. She challenges a district to dance, busting a groove on the tan and gray patterned hotel carpet. Another, she teases, is the best looking. And then there's the "party" district, whose members give a raucous cheer.