Enhance Your Rotary Education


March 5-6, 2021

About Rotary Education
I am excited to be serving in capacity of SAG Education for the District. It is my honor and privilege to be collaborating to offer a variety of training workshops created to inform and guide toward best practices in leadership techniques, the most obvious and necessary start with Communication.  In step with RI President Holger Knaack’s vision to build stronger membership via robust support of the People of Action campaign, D5280 Training workshops are structured to develop and/or improve leadership skills so that Rotarians can improve and grow clubs and communities, true to Rotarian principles, foundational to meet current challenges.  Under the guidance of DG Bette Hall we began with our first session "Public Speaking”  followed by tips and tools for “Running a Successful Board Meeting” and upcoming Membership and Leadership “Future Leaders” which looks down the road- where are we going and how we get there.  Envisioning unique sessions for upper management District team leaders contrasted by tactics and tools that assist club Presidents and Presidents Elect for better club management, we've enlisted experts including Rotarians inside and outside of D5280.  Fortunately for us, Rotary is flush with professionals across many subjects, and through the power of technology, our platforms can deliver across the globe.  The current training team includes PDGs Elsa Gillham Rick Mendoza, Greg O’Brien, Cozette Vergari, past and present Membership SAGs Peter Smyth and Kathleen Terry, and emerging leaders Roger Calas, Tori Hettinger, Sweeney Montinola, and Joerg Rose.
Our sessions will include surveys to encourage feedback to improve as well as to answer questions or emerging areas of discussion or training as the Rotary year progresses.  Please feel free to reach out by email to: JodyLeventhal@me.com.
- Jody Leventhal
SAG Education 2020-21