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message from the district rotary foundation chair 

It has been said many times that our Rotary Foundation is the lifeblood that runs through our Rotary hearts.  That is so true, for it is the source of all we do in our daily efforts to put “Service Above Self” and in so doing become an “Inspiration to Others”.
As a result of our belief in what we do, we chose to make our Foundation part of our charitable giving.  For that we are grateful.  Grateful too are the hundreds of others that benefit from that giving.  And that is the true act of charity; being of help to someone we may never meet.
But we do meet many that benefit from our generosity. Teachers within our school districts who have received classroom grants, adults who have been tutored to learn to read and write, under-served children who have school supplies, clothes and even eye glasses, the college student or graduate who was the recipient of a scholarship, the high school graduate who received a scholarship to attend a vocational school, and the list could fill pages.
On an International level, clean water, education, food, peace and mediation efforts and of course, Polio eradication, again, literally thousands of other things, all happening because of you.
At the Foundation Celebration we celebrate those things, but we should remember something else that our Foundation brings that is often overlooked: a common purpose. We focus on just one thing, our Foundation.  Gone for the celebration evening are those silly little things that divide us! No worries about color, preferences, even politics. Instead just a focus on one thing we all agree upon and work together to better.
Let us celebrate this common goal and be renewed in the knowledge that this commonality of purpose must continue every day, every year and rejoice in that fact. How great it is that each of us can share one thing that brings us together, every day! Be proud that you are part of this and that the lifeblood of what we are flows through your Rotary heart!
--PDG Doug Baker, District Rotary Foundation Chair