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Community Service
Community service is one of the Avenues of Service which encourages Rotarians to offer service to their communities.  Every Rotary club and every Rotarian assumes a responsibility to find ways to improve the quality of life for those in their communities and to serve the public interest.
Community Service IS the Most Important Avenue of Service
  • Seen by community members
  • Encourages engagement by community members and other organizations
  • Brings attention to your club
  • Positively impacts the lives of Rotarians and non-Rotarians
  • Engaging Rotary Changes LIVES!
What is Community Service?
  • Encourages and fosters the ideal of service to the personal business and community life of every Rotarian
  • Opportunities for every Rotarian to exemplify “Service Above Self”
  • A chance to respond to the needs of a local community
What Makes a Project Effective?
Effective projects do more than just offer a quick fix for problems.  The most effective projects:
  • Respond to real issues
  • Improve community members’ lives
  • Incorporate the abilities of those who are served
  • Recognize the contributions of all participants as important and necessary
  • Are based on a realistic assessment of available resources
  • Aim for specific goals and objectives with measurable results
  • Build effective networks
  • Empower people and communities
Selecting a Project - The Areas of Focus Guidelines
  • Basic Education and Literacy
  • Disease Prevention and Treatment
  • Economic and Community Development
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution
  • Water and Sanitation
Setting Effective Goals
Effective goals are:
  • Shared – representing the aspirations of all involved
  • Challenging – ambitious and exceeding what clubs have achieved in the past
  • Achievable – based on a realistic assessment of materials, resources and time
  • Measurable – having a tangible, quantifiable point to pursue
  • Time Specific – having a specific deadline or time frame for completion
Bigger, Better & Bolder Approach
  •   Collaboration
  •   Cooperation
  •   Strategic Partnerships
    • Rotary Clubs
    • Districts
    • NGOs (non-governmental organizations)
    • Government
  •   Matching Grant Utilization