Los Angeles Airport Police Station
9160 Loyola Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045
United States of America

Invited: All District 5280 Rotary and Rotaract members, especially

  • Membership Chairs - present and future
  • Presidents - present and future
  • Assistant Governors
  • Membership Committee members
  • Anyone interested in membership!


  • Rotary International Coordinator, Membership – Zone 26
  • District Governor Olivia Patterson Ryans
  • The office of the Chief of Airport Police
  • A tour of the new Los Angeles airport police station


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Schedule of Events:


  • Chipotle light lunch & mingle
  • Police station tour 12:40


1:00-3:00pm Membership Summit

  • Creating an Action Plan

Each club will be provided with a club-specific attrition/attraction worksheet, with actual RI data that tracks your club’s membership numbers from recent years. Each club will leave with an accurate Attraction Number needed to reach your club’s goals.

  • Understanding Attrition

How does your club compare to the national attrition average? What can you expect in the years to come? Understanding why and when members generally leave.

  • Focus on Retention

Assess your club’s retention data. Evaluate your club experience and member expectations: club culture, communication, mentoring, engagement.

  • Targeted Attraction

Represent your community’s professions; diversify your membership. What membership tiers do you offer? Website/Social Media strategies. Bring a Friend to Rotary events.

  • RI Leads system

How to follow up with individuals who have already expressed an interest in Rotary in your area. Tracking RI-assigned Member ID numbers.

  • Discussion

Clubs will have a chance to share challenges and best practices with clubs of similar size.


Please consider carpooling! There are 30 parking spots in the lot. All others will park on Loyola Blvd. and walk to the building. If possible, let’s try to leave the 30 spots for our more senior members.


Note: Available current presidents will join us at 12:30 after their President’s breakfast.