Contact: Jim Jahant
United States of America
The final District Breakfast of the Rotary year is hosted by District Youth leaders! Interactors, Rotaractors and RYLA students will take the virtual stage and lead our District in a spirited and fun morning!
Our program speaker is the marvelously inspiring Lucy Meyer, the official spokesperson for the Special Olympics-UNICEF partnership. Lucy will leave you feeling moved, motivated and inspired. You don't want to miss this event! 
All are welcome to attend, but advance registration is required. Register here. 

Keynote Speaker: Lucy Meyer

Our program speaker is Lucy Meyer. Lucy is a Special Olympics gold medalist who has been using her passion and voice to bring awareness, promote inclusion, and help children with disabilities around the world.
Since 2015, Lucy has served as the Spokesperson for Special Olympics - UNICEF USA Partnership for Children with Disabilities. Lucy has spoken at the United Nations, U.S. Congress, countless schools, and all over the world.  She continues today to passionately advocate for over 93 million young people with disabilities around the world. Visit Team Lucy Meyer's Official Website. Watch Lucy in action here.