Contact: Rica Viola
United States of America

Rotary District 5280 traditionally has a "Rotarians at Work Day" in April where we all get together and enjoy the opportunity to be of service and enjoy fellowship among our fellow Rotarians. Just like last year, we are unable to have an in-person project.  This year, however, we collectively have the unique opportunity to help the neediest in our respective communities by participating in efforts to secure an appointment for the life-changing COVID vaccination at a place and time that is convenient. 

Rotary District 5280 is partnering with Get Out the Shot: Los Angeles (GOTSLA).  It is a volunteer-run collective (est. Feb 2021) that seeks to address the barriers to vaccine access and help secure COVID vaccine appointments for eligible community members that have been hardest hit by COVID-19.

Due to the limited vaccine supply, securing an appointment is challenging and numerous tries are almost always necessary in order to secure a convenient appointment for the type of vaccine preferred.  The need for additional volunteers continues, because although vaccine supplies will increase, more impacted individuals will also become eligible for vaccine.  

Rotarians can volunteer by:

  • Posting flyers at one’s place of business, around town like restaurants, and especially places like laundromats, the dollar stores, and non-profit agencies serving the needs of our neediest members, and other similar places. A customizable flyer has been created for your use.
  • Posting the flyer on your Rotary Club’s website, social media, and yours as well.    
  • Wearing a t-shirt with the flyer information printed on the back while doing errands around town and the rest of Los Angeles County, especially when in areas where the neediest congregate like laundromats, dollar stores, non-profit agencies helping the poor, etc.
  • Signing up with GOTSLA website to access the database listing people needing help. There is a short 15-minute video and self-certification in order to access the database and resources.  Once vetted, volunteers can:
    • Transcribe voice mails received at (213) 986-7604 to get name, call back number, language preference, zip code, and other basic information. A google voicemail account has been set up for this system.
    • Contact those who have called to get the info needed to secure appointments. A standard questionnaire will be provided.  Volunteers speaking Spanish, Korean, & Vietnamese are especially needed right now.  Names are on a shared drive.
    • Secure convenient appointments for COVID vaccinations, with the preferred vaccine.  Links are provided on the website.
  • Volunteers can do one or a combination of tasks and spend as little or as much time as they want. Rotarians can also work in teams. On rare occasions, there a few people who may need transportation to the vaccination site.

    All club members are encouraged to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to provide access to a life-saving vaccination. 

    For more information, please contact Rica Viola, SAG Community Service, at or at (310) 977-0378 (text or call).