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A CONNECTED CLUB is one which achieves at least 70 points between July 1, 2019-April 15, 2020. In order to be considered for the Club of Excellence Award, you will be required to complete the Awards form with specific written details about projects and events that took place in the 2019-20 Rotary Year. The more you share with us, the more we'll know about your achievements.

Update to awards: Many of your club members have stepped forward to help people who need support in our communities.  We’ve abruptly turned from a social society to a digital society so we’ve had to adjust in big ways.   Your willingness to help in these times that can feel scary is inspiring.  Please let us know what your club members have done to step up to help others.  Tell us specific details, dates and times and what was done.  Please explain those acts in one or all the categories below (but not repeating the same experience in different categories). 

1.  Communications, Community and Visibility:  Tell us what you did to communicate and educate the community about COVID-19 and services available.

2. Need:  Tell us what you did to address issues of people sheltering in place and people in need, seniors, people with disabilities or underlying health issues. Help reduce isolation.  Give dates, times and number of people in your club and other organizations that acted by giving or acting and what they did.  

3.   Collaborate:  Explain in detail what your club with other clubs to address the challenges of COVID-19.

If you have already submitted your awards information, please feel free to supplement your submission to let us know what you have done during the pandemic to help others. 

The 2019-20 Club Awards form is linked on this page and ready for your club to complete. The deadline to submit is May 31, 2020. 

Contact Club Awards chair Val Velasco at vvelasco@aol.com with any questions.