Speaker Dr. Gil Ruston
Topic Research on Alzheimer's Disease
Email gilbert.ruston@caluci.edu
Referring Rotary Club Malibu
Speaker Thomas Schmalzried, MD
Organization or Affiliation Medical Director, Joint Replacement Institute
Topic "Oh My Aching Joints: Advances in the treatment of arthritis"
Email pattobrien@dochs.org
Referring Rotary Club LA5
Comments "Dr. Schmalzried is an internationally renowned orthopedic surgeon and pioneer in the field
  of joint replacement and director of the Joint Replacement Institute at St. Vincent Medical
  Center. His talk was tremendously received. In my 18 years as a Rotarian, I have rarely seen
  a speaker have as many questions from the audience as did Dr. Schmalzried. He was very
  engaging, humorous and spoke at a lay level." -Jan Stein, LA5 Rotary
Speaker Arnold Bresky, MD
Topic "Tune up your brain, tune up your life"
Email Contact Bob Mazza PR at mazzaefx@earthlink.net
Referring Rotary Club Westwood Village
Comments "With 1 in 4 families now affected by dementia in America, we're fortunate to have one of
  the world's leading memory doctors right here in our backyard. Dr. Arnold Bresky is an
  award-winning author, renowned lecturer and preventive gerontologist, who has spent over a
  decade in the trenches seeing thousands of Alzeimer's and dementia patients. Dr. Bresky's
  sole mission is to teach caregivers and memory sufferers the skills and tools to improve
  their brain health and memory wellness."
Speaker Mark Scholz, MD and Richard Lam, MD
Topic Prostate oncology specialists
Email linda@prostateoncology.com
Phone 310-827-7707
Comments There are an estimated 50 oncology clinics in the USA that spend 100% of their efforts on
  prostate cancer and they are one of those 50. Their topics include early warning, types of
  treatment, patient education, stages of the disease, etc. They have been guest speakers at
  many prostate cancer forum support groups in the LA area.
Speaker Ronald Kaminishi, DDS
Topic Snoring/Sleep Apnea
Email carolyn@oralsurgerycenters.com
Phone 562-866-3727
Referring Rotary Club Bellflower
Comments Dr. Kaminishi helps patients who snore or cannot tolerate the sleep apnea CPAP machine.
  He presented a very clear and up to date descriptions and treatment for sleep apnea. This is an
  often unrecognized cause of life-altering problems.