Speaker Susan Ogle
Organization Drum Barracks Civil War Museum
Topic History of California during the Civil War
Phone 310-548-7509
Referring Rotary Club Palos Verdes Sunset
Speaker Millie Chalk
Organization Whisper n Thunder (www.whispernthunder.org)
Topic Empowering Native Americans Through Education, Awareness and Opportunity
Email milliechalk@sbcglobal.net
Phone (661) 904-0059
Referring Rotary Club Burbank Sunrise
Comments "Millie gave us a moving, personal account of her becoming aware of her Native American
  ancestry, some history of the Native American peoples in this country, and current projects they are
  working on, such as their eRez fund (the reasons for which will shock you) and their scholarship fund.
  An excellent presentation and very highly recommended. You will be moved to action."
Speaker Zane Busby
Organization Survivor Mitzvah Project
Topic Helping the elderly Holocaust survivors
Phone 800-905-6160
Referring Rotary Club Culver City
Comments Zane provides a very touching and emotional presentation on the Holocaust survivors, predominantly
  in Eastern Europe
Speaker Richard Kawasaki, Lomita-Torrance Airport Rotary
Topic 40 first families of Palos Verdes
Email rtkawasaki@verizon.net
Phone 310-377-3468
Referring Rotary Club Rio Hondo-Vernon
Comments A story of the first families, mostly Japanese farmers, who settled in the Palos Verdes Peninsula
Speaker Major USMC Dirghalli
Topic The military- how it was perceived 60 years ago, and how it is perceived now
Email stefan.dirghalli@usmc.mil
Phone 562-795-2389
Referring Rotary Club Lawndale
Comments Major Dirghalli was an excellent speaker. He discussed his career, the opportunities the military offered him,
  and how men in uniform were perceived during WWII and how they are generally perceived by the public
  now. He showed the human side of the men in uniform, and how it has helped him in his civilian work as a
  high school teacher today. It was a very informative presentation.