Speaker Bernie Otis
Topic How to prepare for old age- without taking the fun out of life
Email seymour.otis@gmail.com
Phone Number 818-519-8347
Description In this touching, often humorous and very personal account, Bernie shared his 86 years of life, love, loss and laughter as an inspirational guide to what it means to age without growing old. His advice on love after 60, how to talk with family members about illness, what you should be prepared for when confronting tragedy and loss, what it means to be a caregiver to a loved one and many other of life’s challenges are a must for family members young and old. His comments were based his new book, which is a treasure trove of personal and professional life experiences that will help you prepare for old age and take control of the nature of aging. Be prepared to laugh out loud and quietly shed a tear as Bernie takes you through the voyage of life.
Speaker Christa Mann
Topic Mountain Lion Lion Foundation
Email cmann@mountainlion.org
Phone Number 805-813-1221
Description Current status of mountain lions in the Santa Monica mountains
Referring Rotary Club Malibu
Speaker Craig Shuman
Topic Reef Check California
Email cshuman@reefcheck.org
Description Status of ocean reefs
Referring Rotary Club Malibu
Speaker Jody Stump
Topic The art of evaluating restaurants
Email jodystump@aol.com
Referring Rotary Club Malibu
Speaker Yvette Steptoe, CLTC
Topic Long-term Care: Building your financial future
Email yssteptoe@ft.newyorklife.com
Description Long-term Care: Building your financial future and raising financially responsible children
Referring Rotary Club Inglewood
Speaker Donn Zea
Topic California Forest Products Commission
Email dz@calforests.org
Description                                Expands the public's understanding of the benefits of forestry
Referring Rotary Club Rio Hondo-Vernon
Speaker Maxine Shapiro
Topic Enhancing employee and customer engagements, communication and leadership skills
Email maxine@maxineshapiro.com
Description Maxine Shapiro is a business coach who takes the audience through team building and interactive activities to enhance employee and customer engagements
Referring Rotary Club Malibu
Mike Kane
Topic Plug In America
Email mike@pluginamerica.org
Referring Rotary Club Rio Hondo-Vernon
Description A discussion on the present and future of all electric transportation.
Speaker Ruth McKinney, Director of Braille Publishing
Organization Braille Institute
Topic Braille Publishing
Phone 323-663-1111
Referring Rotary Club Playa Venice
Comments Ruth gave us an overview of the new technology being used in adapting written materials for the thousands
  of people who read Braille. The presentation was interesting and informative.
Speaker Braille Institute Students
Organization Braille Institute
Topic Navigating in a sighted world when you have limited vision
Email la@brailleinstitute.org
Phone 323-663-1111
Referring Rotary Club Lawndale
Comments The Lawndale Rotary Club has had the Braille Institute make presentations for club meetings over a
  number of years. The speaker is always an individual with limited or no vision. A driver brings them
  to the meeting. They share their experiences as how they lost their sight and how they navigate the
  world successfully in a sight-filled world.
Speaker Jason Vanderpal
Organization Guitar Center, Hollywood
Topic Public speaking for career success
Email jvanderpal@guitarcenter.com
Phone 323-874-1060
Referring Rotary Club Lawndale
Comments Mr. Vanderpal is a very intelligent, friendly and personable speaker. He discusses good speaking strategies,
  and models them during his presentation. He was asked to speak for his corporation, investigated good
  speaking strategies and was promoted because of his corporate speech.
Speaker Dr. Robert Piccioni
Organization Osher Institute at UCLA and CSUCI
Topic Einstein for Everyone
Email rpiccioni@sbcglobal.net
Phone 818-706-3588
Referring Rotary Club Westwood Village
Comments This is one of the best programs we have had in years. His talk explores the story of a young rebel
  who failed at nearly everything, but overcame rejection because he never quit trying and made
  discoveries that impact our lives every day. Robert graduated from Caltech, has a PhD from Stanford,
  and taught at Harvard. His is Osher's "Teacher of the Year"
Speaker Laura Cazares
Organization Life Mastery Institute
Topic Transformational life coach, motivational speaker, and teacher in the personal development field.
Email lauracazares@lifemasteryinstitute.com
Phone 626-652-2557
Referring Rotary Club Burbank Sunrise
Speaker Ara Norwood
Organization Leadership Development Systems
Topic Six Great Men
Email aranorwood@gmail.com
Website www.aranorwood.com
Phone 888-770-6220
Referring Rotary Club Santa Clarita Sunrise
Comments Ara is a very gifted speaker, very dynamic and very smart. He has been speaking professionally for over
  20 years and is recruited by various Fortune 500 companies and corporate clients for his keynote
  speeches and workshops. Ara's talk is called "Six Great Men" and is about the Founding Fathers of the US
  government. Ara has a personal interest in what unique leadership qualities and personality traits brought
  this diverse group of men together to craft our Constitution. It is a very fascinating and engaging
  presentation but it is not political in that it does not address any current political leaders or our current
  process of government.
Speaker John Morris, Head Deputy, Healthcare Fraud Division
Organization Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office
Topic Protect you, your home and your business from fraud
Email jmorris@da.lacounty.gov
Phone 213-580-3350
Referring Rotary Club Hermosa Beach
Comments John gave us an interesting and insightful presentation on how to protect yourself from many kinds of
  fraud. The presentation was concise with an eye to the time allowed to speak, but with a relaxed pace
  and quite a lot of humor. John is a good public speaker who has many stories to tell with the "facts".