Speaker Kara Knack
Topic Griffith Observatory
Email Address karalita@earthlink.net
Description Update of the renovations of Griffith Observatory
Referring Rotary Club Malibu
Speaker Joan Marques, Ph.D., author
Topic The Awakened Leader: One simple leadership style that works every time, everywhere.
Email Address jmarques01@eathlink.net
Dr. Marques migrated from Suriname, South America to Burbank, California in 1998; received an MBA from Woodbury University and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University. The BS in Business Economics is from Suriname. She has written two (2) books on Leadership and Global Awareness, and has three additional works in progress covering Workplace Performance, Awakened Leadership, and Amazonian Wisdom. She lectures Business and Management at Woodbury University; is responsible for a weekly radio column in the Netherlands; is cofounder and board member of the Business Renaissance Institute-an organization providing consultant services and workshops for businesses in the Los Angeles area; serves as the initiator and Editor-in-Chief of the Business Renaissance Quarterly, a newly developed Journal for global Business Issues as well as Global Watch-a quarterly from the Millennium Development Goals Watch, a New York based nonprofit organization for which she serves as board member and communication specialist
Referring Rotary Club Southwest LA
Speaker Alison Clay-Duboff, Rotary Club of Torrance
Topic Her experience as an ex-pat wife and eventual widow in Saudi Arabian society
Phone 310-200-3037
Referring Rotary Club Palos Verdes Sunset