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Calling all 2024-25 Club and District leaders!

Dust off your uniforms, start stretching and join District Governor Elect Albert Hernandez for the 2024 Spring Training (aka District Assembly)! This year's event is on Saturday, May 18 from 8am-12pm. The event will take place at Woodbury University located in Burbank, California. Plenty of free parking on the campus.
Attendees will enjoy a hot, delicious breakfast, along with a few exciting surprises throughout the morning! 
Spring Training will provide essential training and material to ensure your club is successful in the 2024-25 year. All incoming club and District leaders are encouraged to attend. Attendees will be emailed a description of classes offered.


  • Regular Ticket (May 6-15, 2024): $50
The last day to purchase tickets is May 15, 2024. In order to prepare for enough meals and seating.
No tickets or on-site registration will be available after May 15, 2024.


Sign up for your courses on the "Tickets & Class Selection" button. You may select one course per session time (9am, 10am, and 11am)

Club Runner, Facilitator Tori Szabadi
Maximize your efficiency in Rotary Club management with our ClubRunner Training for Secretaries and Treasurers. This concise session will empower Secretaries with tools for member management, attendance tracking, and streamlined communication. Treasurers will learn to effortlessly handle finances, from dues to donations. Enhance your club's operations and financial transparency with key ClubRunner functionalities, tailored specifically for your roles. Perfect for those aiming to optimize their impact and ease administrative tasks.

Community Service, Facilitator Thuy Trifunovic
Enhance the effectiveness of your Rotary service projects. In this session, we'll explore a range of essential topics, including on how to utilize the my.rotary.org Rotary Showcase platform for entering and managing your service projects. Additionally, we'll cover the process of conducting a community needs assessment to ensure your projects are accurately targeting and addressing the most pressing needs in your community. This training session is an invaluable opportunity for Rotarians looking to amplify their impact and foster positive change through well-informed, community-driven initiatives. Don't miss out on the chance to enrich your Rotary experience and make a tangible difference in the lives of those you serve.
Public Image, Facilitator Albert Hernandez
Discover the power of effective communication with our Rotary Public Image Training. This comprehensive program is designed to empower Rotarians with essential skills in storytelling, public speaking, crafting compelling elevator pitches, and upholding the Rotary brand with integrity. Whether you're looking to engage your community, inspire action, or simply convey the profound impact of Rotary's work, this training provides the tools you need to amplify our message and mission. Perfect for Rotarians committed to making a difference, this training will refine your communication skills, ensuring that our collective voice resonates more powerfully than ever.
Youth Protection, Facilitator Tom Johnstone
The Youth Protection Training/Certification for Rotarians is a comprehensive program designed to ensure the safety and well-being of all youth involved in Rotary activities. This essential training equips Rotarians with the knowledge and skills needed to identify and prevent potential risks to young people. It covers key topics such as recognizing signs of abuse and harassment, understanding legal responsibilities, and implementing effective strategies for creating a safe environment for youth participants. By obtaining this certification, Rotarians demonstrate their commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethical behavior and protection for the younger members of their communities, ensuring that Rotary remains a trusted and secure space for youth engagement and development.
Crisis Management, Mark Benthien
Is your club ready to respond to inappropriate behavior (by Rotarians or attendees of our activities), to deal with crime or injuries, or to handle other situations with negative consequences? This session will share the District’s Crisis Management Plan and seek input for updating it, plus how to make sure your members are aware of its guidance.
Membership, Facilitator Malinda Monterrosa
Elevate your Rotary Club with our Membership Training Session! Learn how to attract new members and engaging young professionals, key strategies for revitalizing your club's appeal. Discover innovative ways to infuse fun into your club meetings, making them irresistible and memorable. This session is perfect for all officers including membership chairs who aim to grow their club membership and elevate their impact. Join us to transform your Rotary experience and create a vibrant, dynamic club atmosphere.
Fundraising, Facilitator Charlotte Lacey
Dive into the essentials of successful Rotary fundraising with this engaging course. Ideal for both new and experienced Rotary members, this session equips you with strategic planning techniques, innovative fundraising ideas, and digital engagement tips to enhance your club's fundraising efforts. Learn from real-life success stories and understand the importance of ethics and transparency. Transform your approach to create impactful campaigns that meet financial goals while strengthening community ties. Join us to elevate your Rotary fundraising projects to new heights!
President-Elect Session:  Facilitator Albert Hernandez
Calling all PEs (President Elects). Join incoming District Governor Albert Hernandez as he shares with each of you information for Rotary year 2024-2025. You will review the District Budget, see what events have been booked on the District Calendar, learn who your Assistant Governors are and information that will help you succeed. Join all your fellow classmates and work together to continue spreading the Magic of Rotary.
The Rotary Foundation, Facilitators TRF Committee
Explore the heart of Rotary's philanthropy in "The Rotary Foundation: Maximizing Impact." This concise session is crafted for Rotary members eager to deepen their understanding of The Rotary Foundation and its global mission. Learn how your contributions fuel projects that change lives and how to effectively participate in grant programs. Discover strategies to engage your club and community in supporting The Rotary Foundation, ensuring your efforts make a lasting difference worldwide. Join us to amplify your impact through The Rotary Foundation.
Global Grants, Facilitators Jewel Price & Peter Lattey
Be inspired by how Rotary's Global Grants have fueled life-changing projects globally. In this session, discover the power of collective action and how you can contribute to sustainable solutions worldwide. Learn the essentials of applying for grants that go beyond boundaries to create a lasting impact. Be part of Rotary's mission to make a difference on a global scale. Your journey to change the world starts here!
District & Vocational Grants, Facilitator Sally Goya
Get ready to dive into an exhilarating session that will equip you with all the essentials on applying for a District Community and Vocational Grants! Discover the strategies to amplify your grant's influence by forming collaborations with other clubs. This engaging workshop promises to unlock new opportunities and insights, helping you make a substantial impact in your community. Join us for a transformative learning experience that will elevate your grant application skills to new heights!
MOU Certification Training, Facilitators Greg O'Brien & Sally Goya
Get ready to elevate your club’s impact! Join our District Grant Management session to get the required MOU certification and ensure your projects are sustainable and compliant. Secure your club eligibility for District grants by signing up today!
Woodbury University
7500 N Glenoaks Blvd
Burbank, CA 91504
United States of America


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